Why choose nordik® by Vapeson?

Nordik® by Vapeson is designed in Denmark. We focus on supplying products that are as pure as possible – with and without nicotine. The purity of our products offers a great comfort for you who chooses to replace smoke with vapour. E-cigarettes do not contain ash, tar or harmful tobacco smoke – with nordik® by Vapeson you are well on your way to consuming a product that is far less harmful than regular cigarettes*.

Nordik® by Vapeson is a plug-and-play e-pod system which allows you to easily and discreetly quench your urge, no matter where you are – at home, at work or on the go. The nordik® by Vapeson e-cigarettes are a very easy and simple alternative to cigarettes giving you the most authentic experience – and you don’t even need to change your 'smoking' habits.


Three different colours to suit your needs.

The nordik® by Vapeson e-cigarette device is available in three different colors; black, silver and blue to allow you to choose your personal favorite color.

Harmony between curves and edges.

The device is designed in soft shapes with no sharp edges, which makes it comfortable to hold. The minimalistic and curved design looks aesthetic and feels natural in the hands.



The nordik® by Vapeson e-pod system is easy to use, even for an inexperienced vaper. Just plug an e-pod in the device and vape. You do not have to push any button, the e-cigarette is simply activated when you inhale. The disposable e-pods are safe as the prefilled liquid is in a closed system not designed to be refilled. Simply replace the empty e-pod with a new fresh e-pod of the desired taste and nicotine strength and continue vaping.


E-pod system

One disposable nordik® by Vapeson e-pod corresponds to approximately one pack of regular cigarettes. The e-pods are available in a variety of different flavorings and nicotine strengths including nicotine-free.

Shaped to fit any pocket

The size and shape of the nordik® by Vapeson e-cigarette device makes it perfect to fits in a pocket. Additionally, the e-pods are sealed, which lets you carry it in your pocket without the risk of leaking.

Long lasting battery

The nordik® by Vapeson e-cigarette device comes with a 380mAh long lasting battery. The package also includes an USB charger so you can easily have a charged battery within approximately 30 minutes.

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an alternative to cigarettes

Think about your own health

Nicotine is a neurostimulator that can cause an addiction. However, nicotine does not cause tobacco-related diseases. According to the latest research estimate*, e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than regular cigarettes. All ingredients, except for the food grade flavourings, are of pharmaceutical quality.

Think about people around you

The vapour from e-cigarettes cannot be compared to the second-hand smoke. E-cigarettes do not emit tobacco smoke, ash, tar or any of the other 300 cancer-causing substances found in regular cigarettes. Hence, you protect your surroundings against tobacco smoke by vaping rather than smoking.

*McNeill A, Brose LS, Calder R, Hitchman SC, Hajek P, McRobbie H; ‘E-cigarettes: an evidence update –
A report commissioned by Public Health England’, August 2015

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